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Jan 25, 2019

MAWP Tacoma presents MAWPCAST 1 Radio Program, Episode 16: Pretty in Pink

Hosted by Potter & Sound Man Chris

Thrills and mystery abound on this weeks installment of the podcast. Will there be a new camera? Will they use the crappy old camera again? Will the camera even work at all? Will they play the songs they say they are playing? Will they even remember to play any songs? Or just ramble on for hours about things no one cares about? All these pointless questions and more will be answered... probably... On this exciting episode of the MAWPCAST!

Superman Red Son (Motion Comic) (Youtube)

This show features these songs from the following bands:

"Atomic" Umber Sleeping, Arcade Days (Bandcamp)

"Gold" A Room With a View, A Room With a View (Bandcamp)

"Sexual Cripple" Spüj, MAWP COMP Volume 1 (Bandcamp)

"Stop & Drink It Over" Fucking Eagles, Beak & Destroy (Bandcamp)

"Lost & Found" Bailey Ukulele, Some Kind of Folk Punk (Bandcamp)

"Darkness" Trapped By Lies, Darkness (Bandcamp)

"Where Will It Stop" Rex Amburgey and the Apaches, 7"

"Slob" Resin, For All Intense Purposes

"Dathomir" Kyberox, Go Slow (Bandcamp)

"Finally Done" Baja Boy, Baja Boy (Bandcamp)

"Did it" Jasia10, The Unauthorized Biography of... (Bandcamp)

"Confession" Aggy the Minotaur, Achromatism (Bandcamp)

"Wet Hills and Big Wheels" My Name, Wet Hills and Big Wheels

"Wake the Preacher" Ivy, Split 7"

"Memories" Sons of Ivan, Sub-Version EP (Facebook)

"Get Set" The Viceroys, 7"

"Deep Sleep" Otsika, Nom Nom EP (Bandcamp)

"Sold Out" Running With Scissors, Single Bullet Theory 

"Rocked Up" Manson's Girls, From Year VIII Demo (Bandcamp)

"Angel Tearz" (Produced by Wyle Killiams)" Petey Defiant (Bandcamp)

"Secret Track" Fantastic 4, Fantastic 4

"Psychotron" Apache Chief, Live at the Jive (Bandcamp)

"Mob Style" I Can Smoke, Goodbye Harry

"Would Be Elegy" Wretch Like Me, I Have Become Death

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Produced, Recorded and Edited by Potter
Audio Recorded by Chris Pederson
Executive Producer Ken Johnson
Technical Engineers Rick Casson, Chris Pederson

​​​​© 2019 MAWP Tacoma