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Mar 1, 2019

MAWP Tacoma presents MAWPCAST 1 Radio Program, Episode 21: Baseketball

Hosted by Potter & Sound Man Chris

It's the show we like to call the MAWPCAST 1 Radio Program! This is our weekly episodic music and entertainment program coming to you from the City of Destiny, Tacoma Washington. Each week we are here to talk to you and play songs from the greater Tacoma and Pierce County region of Washington State. On this installment of the show we delve in to sports... Including but not limited to Baseball... We touch on how things influence us... Like video games among other things... We talk about the Cure, local music, and maybe a few other surprises along the way.

This show features these songs from the following bands:

"Anti-Social Butterfly" Blue Helix, Anti-Social Butterfly (Bandcamp)

"Pretty Thing" Voxxy, Demo (ReverbNation)

"Eye of the Sun" Nadir, Stog

"Riding Out" Waxwing, Appetizer (Website)

"Better Time" 13 Scars, 13 Scars (ReverbNation)

"A Room With a View" A Room With a View, A Room With a View (Bandcamp)

"Minus on the Wedding" The Neighbores, In the Name of the Rice God

"Death Wave" The Rhetorics, Dirty Demo (Bandcamp)

"Tacoma Medication" Josh Rizeberg, Beanz and Rize (Bandcamp)

"Phased Out" Not From Brooklyn (Bandcamp)

"On Our Skin" Cashing in Karma, Earthbound EP (Bandcamp)

"Soul Sister (Second Column)" VIII Days Clean (ReverbNation)

"Apache" The Ventures, Play Telstar and the Lonely Bull (Website)

"Ex Con" Jesus on the Moon, Second Hand Living (Bandcamp)

"My Apology" Stephen Wayne (ReverbNation)

"Trust" Smelter, Previously Unreleased

"I Locked Myself Away With Crimson as My Only Company" Narrative, So We Grew Up (Bandcamp)

"Wake of Sodom" Aethereus, Transcendence (Bandcamp)

"3 A.M." Tramps of Panic, Shadows Play (Facebook)

"Mango Peach (Featuring Wolfgang Otto)" Delores, Messy (Bandcamp)

"Spiderwalk" T-N-A, Elevator Music

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Produced and Edited by Potter
Video Recorded by Chris Pederson & Potter
Audio Recorded by Chris Pederson
Executive Producer Ken Johnson, Chris Pederson
Technical Engineers Rick Casson, Chris Pederson

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