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Apr 19, 2019

MAWP Tacoma presents MAWPCAST 1 Radio Program, Episode 27: Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Hosted by Potter & Sound Man Chris

On this action packed episode of the podcast we talk a lot, like usual... subjects included are... Frank Herbert's Dune saga, Steven King books, The Rhino Humpers who we don't play in this episode, drummers who have it rough, bands, hobbies, buying black market fireworks as a kid in the 80s, Xolie Morra, Chris's days running sound at the Cedarwood, producing music, Avengers: Endgame being stupid long, toxic dirt, gulf war protests, and maybe more things...

Ultimate Guide to Dune (Youtube)

This show features these songs from the following bands:

"Opinions" Mister Grinch, Mister Grinch EP

"Knock Knock" Jus Rachael, Ghost House Records (Facebook)

"I Wanna Be a Sex Symbol on My Own Terms" Botch, We Are the Romans (Bandcamp)

"Party Dress" The Wheelies, Never Die (Bandcamp)

"Mysti-Fire" Mark and Ron, Pre-Eastern Star Recordings (Soundcloud)

"Old Time Relijun" Girl Trouble, Hit it or Quit it (Bandcamp)

"Hit the Lights" Anti-Hero (ReverbNation)

"Destroyer" Mister Master, To the Edge of the Woods (Bandcamp)

"Black Dog (Like a Ghost)" Xolie Morra and the Strange Kind (ReverbNation)

"Dank" Barz (Soundcloud)

"As I Fall" The Prophets of Addiction, Reunite the Sinners (ReverbNation)

"Walk - Don't Run" The Ventures, Walk - Don't Run (Website)

"Cuatro" Pipe's Companion, Live @ Club Tacoma (Soundcloud)

"Tidal Wave" Ancestors of God, The Beginning (Bandcamp)

"Alright" Samyie, Blue Period (Bandcamp)

"Two Fer Flinchin'" Poppa Wheelie, Rock Band or Race Horse (Bandcamp)

"Livin'" The Rhetorics, The Rhetorics (Bandcamp)

"Hole" Fanobee, Apathetic (Bandcamp)

"Crazy, Baby, Lady" Splendid Vengance

"Crash and Bleed Out" Swelter, Black Ass Master (Bandcamp)

"Pendulum Song" The Balloon Power Challenge, Countdown to the Forever People (Bandcamp)

"Horse Head" Sun Eater, Sun Eater (Bandcamp)

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Produced and Edited by Potter
Video Recorded by Chris Pederson & Potter
Audio Recorded by Chris Pederson
Executive Producer Ken Johnson, Chris Pederson
Technical Engineers Rick Casson, Chris Pederson

© 2019 MAWP Tacoma