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May 24, 2019

MAWP Tacoma presents MAWPCAST 1 Radio Program, Episode 32: True Romance

Hosted by Potter, Sound Man Chris & Ashley Marie

In this action packed mega episode we discuss tons of things... Laser Bowie & David Bowie Sound and Vision tour in 1990... Seattle after midnight, Lost and stolen cars... The Electric Daisy Carnival, EDM, Stonegate closing and venues on South Tacoma Way, a lot of time is spent debating pronunciation, the Public Library Quick Information line. Star Trek Discovery... Game of Thrones creators and Rian Johnson making Star Wars trilogies, Survivor Edge of Extinction Season Finale... Polarizing endings to shows and stories... Songs... Songs that we have played and songs that we would like to play... Holding in sneezes. Dr Pimple Popper and Seinfeld... Chris's upcoming Birthday show in July and going to Vegas in June... Chris getting a buzz.... Winning things off the radio...

This show features these songs by the following bands:

"PolitiKKKin" Phraseology, Kindergarten Collections Vol. 1 (Bandcamp)

"The Seeds" Livey Beha, Talk of the Town (Bandcamp)

"The Devil's Glare" Hellfyre Empyre, Rise of the Empyre (Facebook)

"Alone Business" Mirrorgloss, Something New (Bandcamp)

"Brooke Leigh" McKasson & McDonald, Harbour (Bandcamp)

"Death of an Angel" The Viceroys, 7" (PNW Bands)

"The Tribe" Bes, The Method (ReverbNation)

"Bricks and Glass" Utterance, Your Blood is Our Steak Sauce (ReverbNation)

"Turmoil" Portrait of Poverty, Poor Princes of Punk Power (Facebook)

"I Don't Give a Fuck" Dan Valdes aka Dirty D, Coming Clean (Bandcamp)

"Glasses or Bottles of Port" Saucecore, Subscreen (Bandcamp)

"Under it All" New American Shame (Wikipedia)

"Tranquilized" Buckwildz, Buckwildz (Bandcamp)

"Edge of the Earth" Andrew Elmore, Real Racing Roots (Bandcamp)

"Escape" Blue Helix, Tale of Two Halves (Bandcamp)

"Long Time" Stript (Bandmix)

"Outlaw Lifestyle" So King'd Up, King'd Up and Queen'd Up Season (Bandcamp)

"Crazy X" Charlie Drown, Theta Rhythm (ReverbNation)

"Don't Pretend" Dain Norman and the Chrysalis Effect, Hey Jude Productions EP (Bandcamp)

"$1.35" High Plains Drifter, Outstanding in Their Field

"Confessions" Cowardice, I Am Depression (Bandcamp)

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Produced and Edited by Potter @mawpcast1 
Video Recorded by Chris Pederson & Potter 
Audio Recorded by Chris Pederson 
Executive Producer Ken Johnson, Chris Pederson                Technical Engineers Rick Casson, Chris Pederson

​​© 2019 MAWP Tacoma