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Jun 14, 2019

MAWP Tacoma presents MAWPCAST 1 Radio Program, Episode 35: Zorro, the Gay Blade

Hosted by Potter & Sound Man Chris

On this weeks show we talk about last weeks show... We talk about local music... We talk about impractical "Cough Gate" Noise Suppression technology... We talk about Star Trek... We talk about talking about things...

This show features these songs by the following bands:

"Silver Girl" Oldface, Same Atmosphere (Bandcamp)

"Call On Your Gods" Deathbed Confessions, Kintsukuroi (Bandcamp)

"Captain Crunch" The Breaklites, Pack Your Bags (Bandcamp)

"Louder Alone" Blind Guides, Blind Guides (Bandcamp)

"What's On Your Mind?" The Dignitaries (Facebook)

"Le Dragon" Lozen, Para Vida (Bandcamp)

"Finest Thing" Elk and Boar, Something Out of Nothing (Bandcamp)

"Please, Forget Me" Bunny N Bear, Bath Bombs and Break Ups (Bandcamp)

"Dizzy City" Laughter Train, The Trinity (Youtube)

"Get Psycho" RIP Chuk & J Burns, So Simple, So Filthy (Bandcamp)

"Dave's Place" The Converters, 7"

"Roofless" Retrospecter, Crooked Moon (Bandcamp)

"Indulge" Smelter, Smelter

"Seuss" Ash Bib, Tacoma (Soundcloud)

"Oops" DJ Donald Glaude (Soundcloud)

"This Moment" Bleed the Stone (ReverbNation)

"Elephant" Goldfinch, Vacant Lot/Elephant (Bandcamp)

"Dreaming of Nightmares" The Raven Conspiracy, Demo (Bandcamp)

"High and Mighty" 322 (Bandcamp)

"Tag" Groovebender, Groovebender

"Get Ya Hooked" Mission 253, Get Ya Hooked (Bandcamp)

"Rondo Tarantula" Fang Chia, Above Ground (Bandcamp)

"Hang Man" The Iotolas, Live in the Basement

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Produced and Edited by Potter @mawpcast1 
Video Recorded by Chris Pederson & Potter 
Audio Recorded by Chris Pederson 
Executive Producer Ken Johnson, Chris Pederson                Technical Engineers Rick Casson, Chris Pederson

​​​© 2019 MAWP Tacoma