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Nov 23, 2018

MAWP Tacoma presents MAWPCAST 1 Radio Program, Episode 7: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Hosted by Potter and Sound Man Chris

In this very special episode we get thankful about living in a town that rocks so much!

This show features these songs from the following bands:

"Fusion Lender" Swelter, Swelter (Bandcamp)

"Lites" The Breaklites  I Love America (Bandcamp)

"Ultra-Sensitive Super-Paranoid" Jeb Jenkins Supergroup

"Eastwood" Sharky Waters, Out of the Cage (Facebook)

"Grip Top Sock" Spüj, All Over Ewe

"Pretty Good Friend" Fun Police, Clown Control (Bandcamp)

"Happily Ever After" He is We (Facebook)

"Bad Thing" Big Wheel Stunt Show, Wonderful Life (Bandcamp)

"The Retard" Katie's Dimples, 2 Songs for the Socially Impaired

"Heaven/Nirvana" Katie's Dimples, Demo

"Missing Fingers" Katie's Dimples, Demo

"Raggedy Andy" Katie's Dimples, Come With E.P.

"Smoke 2 Much (Featuring Forensick 253)" Lektor, The Terror of Tacoma (Bandcamp)

"For the Love of Money" Noxious Fumes, MAWP COMP Volume 1 (Bandcamp)

"You Can't Get There From Here" The Deacons

"Fools Fortune" Rat Path, Mean Streets (Bandcamp)

"Union Pacific" James Coates, Land of Fame and Glory (Bandcamp)

"Grout" Poppa Wheelie, Rock Band or Racehorse (Bandcamp)

"Last Time" The Petting Zu, The Petting Zu

"June" Spirit Week, These Songs I Wrote For You (Bandcamp)

"Home Away From Home" Trees and Timber, Hello, My Name is Love (Bandcamp)

"Blood of the Children" Ranchero, Red (ReverbNation)

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Produced, Recorded and Edited by Potter
Audio Recorded by Chris Pederson
Executive Producer Ken Johnson

Technical Engineers Rick Casson, Chris Pederson

MAWPCAST 2 is coming soon! Sound Man Chris has his own show in development featuring live recordings from groups in the Tacoma region. Stay tuned for more details!

© 2018 MAWP Tacoma