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Dec 21, 2018

MAWP Tacoma presents MAWPCAST 1 Radio Program, Episode 11: Rare Exports

Hosted by Potter and Soundman Chris

In this episode we celebrate the holiday season with some rock and roll... We discuss some bands, some games, some films, some ghosts... and a few other random subjects. Happy Holidays!

This show features these songs from the following bands:

"Get Away" Sharky Waters, Out of the Cage (Facebook)

"Persistence of Memories" Hunnywell, Pure Heart (Bandcamp)

"Catch 22" The Twist, Are From Tacoma

"Term in Hell" Portrait of Poverty, Poor Princes of Punk Power

"The Price is Rich" The Plastards, Trainwreck of Happy Accidents (Bandcamp)

"Black as Night" Cyperus

"Los Angelus" Noo (Soundcloud)

"What the Future Knows" The Sky Giants, What the Future Knows (Bandcamp)

"Baby, It's Cold Outside" Steve Stefanowicz, Midlife Christmas (Facebook)

"Condenser" Sleeper Cell, Strumming the Umbilical Chord (Bandcamp)

"4 a.m." Slingshot, MAWP COMP 1 (Bandcamp)

"Double Clutch" The Sharps, 7"

"I Know Why Santa is Drunk" The Dignitaries, Split 7" (Bandcamp)

"Stand Up" Riot in Rhythm, Vicious Circle (ReverbNation)

"Not Fade Away" Kirsten Wenlock, 1964 (Bandcamp)

"Devolver" Highlight Bomb, Exile on 99th Street (Bandcamp)

"Mad Chemistry" Electro Templar, Technology Vult (Bandcamp)

"Sacred Practice" Manson's Girls, From Year VIII Demo (Bandcamp)

"Come Ta Grips" The Lemons, Marvel (Facebook)

"Temporary" I Defy, Go! (Facebook)

"Failure in Waves" Andrew Elmore, Fullbright On Making Tacoma OST (Bandcamp)

"Pirates Not P.O.W.s" Dead Letter Office, DLO

"Come On" Loser, Loser

"Content" Sarah Connor, Sarah Connor/South 11th Split

"Tough" Deborah Page, FOR (ReverbNation)

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Produced, Recorded and Edited by Potter
Audio Recorded by Chris Pederson
Executive Producer Ken Johnson

Technical Engineers Rick Casson, Chris Pederson

​© 2018 MAWP Tacoma