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Feb 21, 2020

MAWP Tacoma presents MAWPCAST 1 Radio Program Episode 53

Hosted by Potter & Sound Man Chris

This week Chris was late and everything went wrong... Those two things may or nmay not be related... But don't worry, we edited out most the catastrophe and it's just as amazing of a show is always! This week our topics are all over the place but we talk.... and talk and talk... And play tons of great music as always!

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Produced, Recorded and Edited by Potter @mawpcast1
Podcast Audio Recorded by Chris Pederson
Producer Ken Johnson, Chris Pederson

On this show we play these songs by the following bands:

"Five Star Day" Electrolux, 5 Star Day (MAWP Tacoma)

"Way Gone" Jasia10, GMSmix (Bandcamp)

"So Right" Humble Cub, Telegram From Your Future Life (Bandcamp)

"Earth" Sam Cobra (Website)

"Mass Ska Raid" The Investigators, Steal the Show (MAWP Tacoma)

"Desi Snitch" Argonaut, Shoot the Moon (Bandcamp)

"Hunter" Garden of Hedon, Garden of Hedon Demo (MAWP Tacoma)

"Bring on the Dancing Girls" Girl Trouble, Thrillsphere (Website)

"Resolution" The Daelie Grind (Website)

"Snow Ball" Retrospecter, Wormhole (Bandcamp)

"Rule Yourself" Dirty Thieves, Dirty Thieves (MAWP Tacoma)

"Vacant" Goldfinch (Bandcamp)

"1234" The Bootmen (PNW Bands)

"I Zombie" Anti-Hero (ReverbNation)

"The Next Step" Big John, The Next Step (MAWP Tacoma)

"3 Ring Circus" The Rhino Humpers, Bro For Life (MAWP Tacoma)

"All That is Me" Good Gravy, Damn Good (MAWP Tacoma)

"Butterfly in China" The Fun Police, Tales of the Great Boozo (Bandcamp)

"Vultures Never Eat in Peace" CZAR, Life is No Way to Treat an Animal (Bandcamp)

"The Man Who Walks Alone" I Defy, Sentanced Under Penalty of Life (MAWP Tacoma)

"Exaltation of the Watchers" Aethereus, Transcendence (Bandcamp)

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