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Mar 6, 2020

MAWP Tacoma presents MAWPCAST 1 Radio Program Episode 55


Hosted by Potter & Sound Man Chris

This week we talk about the plague! Corona Virus sweeping the nation... Cities on lockdown! Quarantines! Mass hysteria! No toilet paper! Madness ensues... We talk about Survivor some also... Season 40 of the show... not surviving the Corona virus.... Oh yea, My Hero Academia... Lock and Key on Netflix... Star Wars Rise of Skywalker novelizations and Palpatine is a clone... Spoilers... Louie G's... Baseball Card Season...

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Produced, Recorded and Edited by Potter @mawpcast1
Podcast Audio Recorded by Chris Pederson
Producer Ken Johnson, Chris Pederson

On this show we play these songs by the following bands:

"Swedish" Oldface, How Are You There (Bandcamp

"One by One" Church of Hate, Church of Hate (ReverbNation

"Breathing Underwater" Off Model (SoundCloud)  

"Livin'" The Rhetorics, The Rhetorics (Bandcamp

"Moonstruck" Zell, Zell (Bandcamp

"Love Dares" Flat Black Cat (MAWP Tacoma

"Scooby Snacks" Josh Rizeberg, Beanz and Rize (Bandcamp

"Kill Cole" Red Hex, Demo Collection (Bandcamp

"This Corner" Utterance, Your Blood is Our Steak Sauce (ReverbNation

"Dharma" Sleeper Cell, Strumming the Umbilical Chord (Bandcamp

"Live on Me" Sons of Ivan, Sub-Version EP (Bandcamp

"Awaken" Point Defiance, Low (ReverbNation)

"Shine On" Stone Axe, Extended Play (Bandcamp

"In the Garden" Sound Color (MAWP Tacoma) 

"We'll Bootstrap Our Way to the Stars" NMVNGPTS, City Fight Song EP (MAWP Tacoma

"Wrinkled Space" Stumbleine (MAWP Tacoma

"New Order Wave" The Pastards, A Trainwreck of Happy Accidents (Bandcamp

"Walk Away" Riot in Rhythm, Vicious Circle (ReverbNation

"No One" China Town, All the Kings Horses

"Dirty Old Man" The Sonics, Maintaining my Cool (Bandcamp

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