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Mar 13, 2020

MAWP Tacoma presents MAWPCAST 1 Radio Program Episode 56


Hosted by Potter & Sound Man Chris


This is week two of the apocalypse plague virus that has the world in it's grip... We are doing a local music podcast... Because someone has to bring you all the local music... You can't get a virus from sound.

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Produced, Recorded and Edited by Potter @mawpcast1
Podcast Audio Recorded by Chris Pederson
Producer Ken Johnson, Chris Pederson

On this show we play these songs by the following bands:

"Victim's Child" Taist of Iron, Resurrection (Encyclopedia Metallum)

"4am" Bruce Leroy (Bandcamp)

"The Web" Big Wheel Stunt Show, Cheetah Milque (Bandcamp)

"Self Love" Petey Normal, Apple Sauce (Bandcamp)

"Length of Pipe" The Fucking Eagles, Beak & Destroy (Bandcamp)

"Mercury in Retrograde" Velocity, Magnetar (Bandcamp)

"You Weren't Using Your Head" The Wailers (PNW Bands)

"I Go Out With Vegetables" Little Stranger (PNW Bands)

"Westcoast Banger" Jacmov Jay T (Facebook)

"Shiver" Nadir, Stog (MAWP Tacoma)

"TMI" Bunny N Bear (Bandcamp)

"Brownie Lawless" Gold Sweats (Bandcamp)

"It's Okay" The Rallies (Bandcamp)

"Out in the Cold" Fear Itself (MAWP Tacoma)

"Sweet Oblivion" Happy Sinners (Bandcamp)

"Pieces of Trash" The Lightweight Champs (Bandcamp)

"Daybreak" Hudson Link, Tundra (Bandcamp)

"Shy Irene" Katie's Dimples (MAWP Tacoma)

"Emerge" Fifteen Stitches (ReverbNation)


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