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Feb 28, 2020

MAWP Tacoma presents MAWPCAST 1 Radio Program Episode 54


Hosted by Potter & Sound Man Chris


Live from the City of Destiny! Playing songs and talking about things in between those songs...

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Produced, Recorded and Edited by Potter @mawpcast1

Podcast Audio Recorded by Chris Pederson

Producer Ken Johnson, Chris Pederson

On this show we play these songs by the following bands:

"When I Fall" Not From Brooklyn, Tuesday is the New Wednesday (Bandcamp)

"Lighting the Lantern" Thunders of Wrath, Thunders of Wrath (Website)

"Angels" Jazire

"That Sound" The Viceroys (PNW Bands)

"Alright" 3 Deep, 3 Deep (MAWP Tacoma)

"Point Ruston" The Mondays (Facebook)

"Shut it Down" Chris Crayzie (ReverbNation)

"Turntable Eyes" The Drug Purse, Extended Release (Bandcamp)

"Garage Queen" The Dignitaries (Bandcamp)

"Morning" Colonies, Thirty Thousand (Bandcamp)

"Summer of '17" Nayra, Put to Rest (Bandcamp)

"The Call" Vanilla, The Call (Bandcamp)

"Stilt" Delilah, MAWP COMP Volume 1 (Bandcamp)

"Perfect" VIII Days Clean (ReverbNation)

"After the Living" Rappin' Zack, ZACK (Bandcamp)

"Roll Over" Gold Teeth, Gold Teeth 7" (Bandcamp)

"Prophecy Number Three" Infinite Flux, Infinite Flux (Bandcamp)

"Canadian Fires" Western Spyders (SoundCloud)

"Wait" SleepyPilot, SleepyPilot (Bandcamp)

"Dying Breed" Hilltop Rats (Bandcamp)

"The Cloud Creature" City of Spectres, The Curse of Science (Bandcamp)

"Ritchie" Slingshot (MAWP Tacoma)


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